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Ethically Grown Teas


Wilwand Teas offers Organic Luxury Loose Leaf Teas and specially prepared "Magical Blends" for health, well being and pure enjoyment.

Our teas, are sourced from plantations around the world that are Organically Certified and participate in the Ethical Tea Partnership and Environmental Action Programs to help reduce the carbon footprint.

Our passion is to enlighten others to the life enhancing properties of tea and herbs in the perfect cup of tea.

While tea (camellia sinensis) offers many medicinal properties and life enhancing benefits on its own, we also create "Magical Blends" with specific focused herbal properties. 

We believe that drinking tea is a positive ritual that supports physical, mental and spiritual well being. 

As we support organic agriculture around the world, native cultures benefit through fair trade practices and the environment benefits from the tea plantations as tea plants are net absorbers of co2.

Whether we are healing ourselves or the planet, we recognize the interconnectedness of all living things.

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Earthtones Gifts, Gallery & Center for Healing

1319 Park St, Paso Robles CA